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Event is a traditional celebration in this in Sorocaba and the whole region. But that’s not everything, this is a social event in pro of SOS, which since its foundation, more than 40 years ago, helps people with no home, through daily attendance, and the organization also act in the social inclusion of teenagers through Clube do Nais program.
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Edition 2019

O próximo Bacalhau Amigo de edição 21 será dia 13 de Julho de 2019, acontecerá no Ipanema Clube

Edition 2018

Confira como foi a 20º Edição do Bacalhau Amigo!

Edition 2017

Veja a cobertura da 19º Edição do "Bacalhau Amigo" 2018

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Nowadays our society is more commited with "social responsability", and helping SOS you will support and entity which works making better life conditions of a big public.
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