Dinner “BACALHAO AMIGO”, before known as “UMA NOITE PORTUGUESA” was birth as an initiative of the centenary beneficent association VASCO DA GAMA in Sorocaba and marked 100 years of Luso Brazilian entity. Nowadays, the event is a traditional celebration in this in Sorocaba and the whole region. But that’s not everything, this is a social event in pro of SOS, which since its foundation, more than 40 years ago, helps people with no home, through daily attendance, and the organization also act in the social inclusion of teenagers through Clube do Nais program.

The whole SOS projects are made in association with the Public Power through agreements. And the organization counts also with help from people who collaborate monthly and acquire invitations for the event.

To maintain these agreements and guarantee the enter of new resources, promoting our social actions, our values and ideals, is that this year we’ll make the of “BACALHAU AMIGO”, a social event which not only tries to communicate to the Sorocaban Society about the organizations and companies which support us, but also gets indispensable resources for the SOS social programs.